10 000 000

GLOTTER recently recorded it’s 10 millionth view of a Map entry. That’s a satisfying milestone and at the same time confirmation for the hard work that’s involved in operating and enhancing a Web Community.

Happy 9th Birthday GLOTTER!

GLOTTER is getting 9 years old today and we are approaching the 10.000.000 Map Views rapidly. This year’s obligatory Birthday Update includes Several Frontend modifications Technical adaptions As announced a year ago, the Google Earth features had to be removed because the API has been deprecated by Google recently Even if old Internet Explorer browsers didn’t play a major role in the stats anymore, the Support has been dropped


GLOTTER has been launched in the beginning of 2007. Back then the platform has been one of the first Web services in the world offering users a free way to put placemarks on a digital map and add some information. Since then a lot has happened. GLOTTER has been continuously extended with new features based […]

Redesign glotter.com

A cool GLOTTER Redesign with a brand new interface has been rolled out on the Mobile as well as on the Desktop version. Unfortunately there is also a rather sad announcement on two of our Services. Since the Google Earth API and the Weather library have been deprecated by Google we have to remove both […]

Happy 8th Birthday GLOTTER!

Exactly 8 years ago GLOTTER went live. Since then more than 8,180,000 single map views have been recorded. That’s on average more than 1 Million map clicks per year and is a great success story for us. The All time favourite map is Two & a half Men filming location which was added on Dec […]

GLOTTER Styled Maps

From now on you can modify the style of your GLOTTER maps. Many thanks to User Edgard for sending us this feature request. This means that features (e.g. Place names, country borders) can be removed from the map or entire areas (e.g. Water, POIs, Streets) can be colored individually. We use so called JSON Strings […]

GLOTTER Bulk-Importer

With the new “Bulk-Importer” you can now import multiple placemarks to your GLOTTER maps – quick & straightforward via an Excel-like table. Create a map Click on the button “+ Import“ Fill out the table (Pay attention to * required fields) and double-check your data Click on “Import“ If you prefer working with a Spreadsheet […]

Happy 7th Birthday GLOTTER!

GLOTTER turns 7 and we would like to announce that we’ve improved the mobile version which has been specially designed for Smartphones and Touch devices. The Code base has been optimized and the look&feel has been slightly aligned to the Desktop version, though we’ve took care that it still remains an independant mobile Web app. […]

What time is it in…?

Nuuk, Greenland Kathmandu, Nepal Tuvalu La Paz, Bolivia Anchorage, Alaska, USA Cape of Good Hope, South-Africa GLOTTER’s Geocoder www.glotter.com/geocoder has been updated with a really useful feature recently. Besides calculating the elevation, which already worked in the past, it is now also possible to retrieve the current World time and the timezone of locations. Just […]

New Marker-Icons on GLOTTER

After the recent Redesign of www.glotter.com we decided to adapt the Marker icons in order to match to the new “Flat Design”. Below you can see a Before/After comparison of all Icons. Just change the viewport by moving your mouse over the image!