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Our everyday life got digital. New technologies make life easier and more productive and open up the transformation to a post-industrial society with increased valuation of information and knowledge.


A positive user experience is essential in Human-Computer-Interaction.

Only by fulfilling the customer expectations, one creates consciousness, intensifies the interest and increases the value of products or services.

Driven by quality.

Good work is hard work.

The main challenge is to draft simple, adaptive, future-proof, stable and secure applications from complex requirements.


Dealing with clients and business owners in an open, honest and upright way is essential for a productive collaboration and for a successful project completion in due time.

what you do

Someone who works in the IT industry has no ordinary job.

It requires passion for new technologies in conjunction with imagination and a vision which allows to tackle projects in a courageous, optimistic and independent approach. Even if the journey is new and unknown.

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I develop and maintain Web applications, solve problems and can support you driving digital transformation of your business processes.


Heart, brain and a bit of magic.

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