New feature: Logbook

We have implemented a cool new feature – the so called “Logbook”. Activate it in the Edit mode and all information from your placemarks (title, date, coordinates, description, etc.) are listed below your map in a useful way.

You can keep a “travel diary” or create a “Geo Blog” and even download the calendar data in the iCAL file format and import it into your calendar application (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Novell GroupWise, Apple iCal, Google Calendar, Facebook, etc.).

Furthermore – when activated – you can take a tour (“Auto-Playback”) of your entry in Google Earth mode (Google Earth 5.0+ standalone or Browser Plugin required!).

We recommend setting the correct timestamp (of your placemarks) in the Marker edit mode so that this feature is of real use to you.

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