Collaboration: MultiMaps

We’ve just added a new feature that was often requested. From now on multiple Map layers can be combined on a map.
Just add all Entry-IDs separated by a comma in the URL – that’s all!

e.g. F1 circuits 2008-2010,1831,2445

Famous museums,2357,2309,2283,2128,2093,2052,1963,1742,1639,1586,1577,1506,1489,1465,1071

Route 66, RAAM,1220?latlng=37.0902,-95.7129&zoom=4&maptype=satellite

New York,1726,1725,1711,1600,1573,1531,1506,1464?latlng=40.7144,-74.0060&zoom=11&maptype=satellite

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