Happy 8th Birthday GLOTTER!

Exactly 8 years ago GLOTTER went live. Since then more than 8,180,000 single map views have been recorded. That’s on average more than 1 Million map clicks per year and is a great success story for us.

The All time favourite map is Two & a half Men filming location which was added on Dec 01, 2009 and currently has about 113,500 views. Did you know that CBS concluded the final season after 262 episodes last week. How long will this entry be on top? :)


To celebrate the birthday we’ve made minor improvements to the interface, redesigned the About us page and added an interactive counter. Furthermore we’ve decided to remove Ads for the time being.

Landkind+Stadtkind. Doing good work with good people. Making and breaking things. Learning from it. Expanding my horizon by stepping out of my comfort zone.