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New rubric “Did you know that…”

White space in modern Webdesign can help to improve readability so that visitors can focus on the essential. That’s why the available space should only be used for important content. Whether the new rubric Did you know that… which got implemented in the footer of this website, is important enough to take over precious white […] WordPress Material Starter Theme v2.0 released

The new Material Components for the Web have been published by Google last week and the code base for the WordPress Material Design Starter Theme has been updated to include the new components. Head over to to see the new theme in action and feel free to generate your customized WordPress Material Design Starter […]

Relaunching a new

Just in time for the 12th birthday GLOTTER received an entire refactoring. We can even call it a complete new modification which makes GLOTTER ready for the future. Mobile First. During the development the increased mobile use* has been considered. *Desktop users have been overtaken by Mobile users (mobile phones und tablets) which represent about […]

GLOTTER ❤️ Mapbox

GLOTTER has received a major Update recently. The Google Maps API has been replaced by the new Mapbox GL API. What are the advantages of Mapbox GL? Mapbox is a Mapping Software Provider which has specialized in Web mapping and provides/supports OpenSource software The maps are rendered in WebGL Better user experience, higher resolution and anti-aliased fontstyles The camera […]

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy changes on GLOTTER

The GLOTTER community has grown a lot since the last update of the legal information in 2012 and it was about time to revise the rules in order to comply with new/upcoming laws and regulations. Here are some key updates we have performed and which will be effective to all users on March 08, 2018 The […] WordPress Bootstrap Starter Theme v2.0 released

Bootstrap 4 has been published and it was about time to update the Code base for our first WordPress Starter Theme that has been built with Bootstrap. Head over to to see the theme in action. You can also generate your customized WordPress Starter Theme based on Bootstrap 4 there. A short changelog can […] WordPress Single Application Theme v2.0 released

Polymer v2.0 has landed and it was time to update the code basis for the Single Page Application Starter Theme. So, what has changed? A lot! But for good reasons. The Theme works with WordPress 4.7+. No additional RestAPI-Plugin is required anymore. typeahead.js-Autocomplete has been replaced with a custom Web components solution using iron-selector […] is live!

Lately has been launched. Users are able to setup an appealing User Profile and add bookmarks of their most important websites. Signing Up a new account is quick, easy and free. More information and technical details can be found in the Portfolio.

10 000 000

GLOTTER recently recorded it’s 10 millionth view of a Map entry. That’s a satisfying milestone and at the same time confirmation for the hard work that’s involved in operating and enhancing a Web Community.

Happy 9th Birthday GLOTTER!

GLOTTER is getting 9 years old today and we are approaching the 10.000.000 Map Views rapidly. This year’s obligatory Birthday Update includes Several Frontend modifications Technical adaptions As announced a year ago, the Google Earth features had to be removed because the API has been deprecated by Google recently Even if old Internet Explorer browsers didn’t play a major role in the stats anymore, the Support has been dropped