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A cool GLOTTER Redesign with a brand new interface has been rolled out on the Mobile as well as on the Desktop version. Unfortunately there is also a rather sad announcement on two of our Services. Since the Google Earth API and the Weather library have been deprecated by Google we have to remove both […]

WordPress Starter Theme available for download

If you are looking for a simple, stable and future proof WordPress Starter Theme powered by Bootstrap you’ve come to the right place. Head over to and generate your customized Starter Theme which can be used as a basis for new projects. The WordPress Theme is maintained by and is fully compatible with […]

Happy 8th Birthday GLOTTER!

Exactly 8 years ago GLOTTER went live. Since then more than 8,180,000 single map views have been recorded. That’s on average more than 1 Million map clicks per year and is a great success story for us. The All time favourite map is Two & a half Men filming location which was added on Dec […] WordPress Plugin available

Earlier this year (see Blogpost) has been introduced. is a Service maintained by klicc which markets well designed and carefully crafted WordPress Themes. Since an important milestone has been achieved last week, it’s time to officially introduce a free WordPress Plugin which brings useful features to WordPress Themes – the WordPress way! […]


The year 2015 just began and it was time again to technically and visually improve the Web appearance of Frontend New Navigation New font style New effects, Parallax Scrolling Content adaptions Mobile Design enhancements Backend WordPress in the latest version Major usability improvements for Content editors Future Website updates will be really slick Site-Search launched – “WordPress Themes – the WordPress way!” is a new Website by klicc to promote Premium WordPress Themes and to sell licenses. There are four handcrafted and carefully designed Themes available shortly. During development of the Themes focus has been set on Simplicity, Usability & Maintainability. Good Documentation & Easy Setup Use of WordPress […]

GLOTTER Styled Maps

From now on you can modify the style of your GLOTTER maps. Many thanks to User Edgard for sending us this feature request. This means that features (e.g. Place names, country borders) can be removed from the map or entire areas (e.g. Water, POIs, Streets) can be colored individually. We use so called JSON Strings […]

GLOTTER Bulk-Importer

With the new “Bulk-Importer” you can now import multiple placemarks to your GLOTTER maps – quick & straightforward via an Excel-like table. Create a map Click on the button “+ Import“ Fill out the table (Pay attention to * required fields) and double-check your data Click on “Import“ If you prefer working with a Spreadsheet […]