New Marker-Icons on GLOTTER

After the recent Redesign of we decided to adapt the Marker icons in order to match to the new “Flat Design”. Below you can see a Before/After comparison of all Icons. Just change the viewport by moving your mouse over the image!

New service and feature: Live Tracking

Today a new HTML5 Service has been released on GLOTTER. Live Tracking lets you record a distance on a GPS-enabled device (Smartphone or Tablet) which has mobile Internet access. If you would like to publish your Live Tracking path on a map or need to edit it afterwards, feel free to record your tour in […]

A new design for GLOTTER

Today we unveiled a design update for GLOTTER. Our goal was to further point out the content and to streamline the visual appearance. All in all the website now is fresher, cleaner and has a more modern look & feel! Design changes New logo in “flat design” New colors New font Maps in normal mode […]

Happy 6th Birthday GLOTTER!

GLOTTER celebrates its 6th birthday and has been updated to support state-of-the-art HiDPI (“Retina”) Displays to be prepared for the future. This means that – if the relevant hardware is used – all images, icons and web elements are displayed crisper and more detailed than before. The update does not restrain the speed of the […]

GLOTTER goes responsive! Happy holidays!

The year 2012 ends and we would like to celebrate this occasion together with you. Today on 12.12.12 GLOTTER obtained a new look together with new features. – Easier navigation and usability improvements – A cleaner, simpler look with improved formatting – Responsive webdesign which automatically adapts to different screen sizes and tries to deliver […]

New Service: The WEATHER on GLOTTER

From now on it’s possible to retrieve the current weather conditions with cloud imagery of any spot in the world. Simply go to and search for any place (city or country) using the familiar Geocoder to see an exact weather forecast of the upcoming days. London, United Kingdom,-0.128005&zoom=10 California,-119.417932&zoom=5 Japan,138.252924&zoom=4

Happy 5th Birthday GLOTTER!

Today the platform GLOTTER has its 5th anniversary. To celebrate this special event, we have recently made some improvements to the design and added new functionalities. The Startpage is represented clearer now and has a more modern look. Furthermore the Community pages have been revived and are more in line with the overall picture […]

New feature: Colorize entire countries

As of now you can highlight entire countries on your maps. Automatically and uncomplicated. Just select a color in the Marker options to colorize the country in which the marker has been placed. It’s really simple! Here are some maps which already showcast this new feature: EU member states,13&zoom=4 EU Eurozone Group of […]

New Feature: Collaboration

We are happy to announce that users – who are friends on GLOTTER – now can collaborate on a shared map and add their individual placemarks. Just mark an entry as “Collab” and share it with your friends who are able to add their individual placemarks to the map. The user who initially created the […]